ME Upper – 10.8.10

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat Stretch in Cage, Indian Clubs

Bench Press (wrist wraps, Ivanko bar index on 1st ring)
single up to 175+100 air
missed 195+100 air (ran into the rack)
triple @ 135+100 air
single @ 185+100 air
pinned @ 215+100 air
–First time benching heavy for a little while, which is by design. Not sure I am going to do this very often as I train for the Snatch Test and work on KB Press as well.
–The air is heavy. 1 psi is a lot harder to press, stabilize, or both than 1 pound. You can’t add the 2 numbers and think it’s just the same as that much on the bar. That’s my ego talking because I know I can press way more than 315 even after some volume, but the air is a big push. I’ve been critical of the air more from it’s position as necessary. It’s just different. A different heavy or hard, not better.  It’s a different reference of a “number.”
–The Keiser adjustable bench is very flattering for my bench. Even though it is padded, I can get it very tight in the arch.
–I gave up on the 215 too.  Had no lats half-way down.

Neutral Grip Pull-Up / Armbar / Rope Pushdown / Indian Clubs
BW x5, +24kg on foot x2, x3
24kg 3×4/4
40 air 3×20
Tall Kneeling Movement #1, 2 arms, 3×10 mod/fast

  • October 8, 2010

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