RE Lower – 10.9.10

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat Stretches in cage, ASLR, Prone NDT patterns, Brettzel 2.0, TYWLM, Indian Clubs
–Prone NDT patterns = POE, PPU, Long Girl Push-Up, Push-Up, Bear position holds for 2-4 breaths
–TYWLM working on 3-4s reps with perception of lower trap activation and t-spine ext

Box Squat (IPF Metal bottoms, barefoot)
315 3×3
365 3×3
— Probably will go 6×3 with a little bigger weight since I probably won’t be doing any other squatting during the week.  There’ll be plenty of DE work with the RKC prep work from here on out.  I have no intentions to compete at any point in the near future, and I know traditional Westside isn’t going to get me through the RKC.
–Everything was coming off the box very quickly.  I could see going up to low/middle 4’s with Chucks on in this scheme.

GHR / Ab Dolly / Indian Clubs / 1-arm Swings
BW x15, x10, x15
–The York GHR is the worst GHR I have ever used.  It is hard to adjust.  It pops up in the back if you don’t weigh it down.  I tried adjusting it for every set to try to get the right feel.  Such a time killer.  But of course in one of our facilities where we share an area with the general base population, the GHR is bastardized to be used for some kind of extension reach into a sit-up in Crossfit.  Such a mess.
BW 3×15
2-arm Movement #2 – 3×10 moderate
16kg 10/10, 24kg 2×10/10

Conditioning (Jacob’s Ladder)
4x 40/60
–Paced to keep the ladder moving smoothly

Working out in a different environment has challenged my time management, but moving into Phase 2 Carb Cycling I think is a good thing for me to get back into finishing every workout with HIIT.  And the more I effect Westside for RKC prep, it will be an easier thing to do.

  • October 9, 2010

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Rick Ballinger Reply


On the topic of GHR’s, I have been looking to add one to my gym, and a local gentleman is selling one from Elite FTS (regular pad, not the split pad version). As far as GHR’s go, would this be one of the best options?

Sandy Duncan Reply

Hello, Mr. Weingroff. First time poster here……

For the NDT Patterns, would you please describe these in a bit more detail (or, alternatively, direct me to where I may find further reading on these). Being unfamiliar with the acronyms and with the only “bear” I know being bear crawls, I would certainly like to get on the right page on this front.

I also wanted to ask about the TYWLM. When you mentioned increasing perception of lower trap activation and t-spine extension, are you doing anything special during the execution of these or is it simply being more mindful and “present” when executing these movements? On a semi-related note, I’ve seen various people discussing the ordering of these types of movements (one example being Nick Tumminello suggesting that the order of YTWL should be switched to LYTP, with the P being what he calls “pivot prone” in place of the W’s). Do you have any quick thoughts on the ordering and why a certain one may be more optimal than others?

And is the M simply going from the humeral ER seen in the L to Humeral IR, or is it something else entirely?

Thanks for your help.

Charlie Reply

Rick – I like the Elite series very much, but I’ve never tried the wide hip stance with the GHR. The UCS GHR is pretty much awesome. It just seemed to let you fit in very stable.
I haven’t tried a ton of different companies to be honest, but please try out the York model before you spend a nickel. It’s garbage as far as I’m concerned.

Charlie Reply

Sandy – I enjoyed your work on Scooby Doo.

The NDT patterns I worked through in prone start prone with plantarflexion and shoulder overhead and ER. Each position is worked for breaths, and I also use a pelvic floor contraction.
Then Prone on elbows with a centrated neck. Hands are flat, fingers spread with an active isometric ER against the floor.
Then long girl pushup, so you are on your knees and hands.
Then regular push-up, the walking up into bear with heels down and heels up.

I am doing the TYWLM at a very slow speed trying to perceive upper trap relaxation and lower trap activation. I am not keen enough at this DNS strategy as it will be taught more in depth in Level C. But I think it is fairly simple as you recognize.
I don’t have much affinity to ordering or special attention as to Nick’s suggestion. I’ll stick with Blackburn’s approach, and I have no concerns to performing them out of a hip hinge, 1-arm in quadruped, or passive quadruped over the ball. As long as you don’t execute a superman to get the arms going, I think you’re fine.

Adam Upshaw Reply

Very clear internet site , thankyou for this post.

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