BJ RKC Prep #2 – 11.3.10

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat Strech in Cage, Indian Clubs (2-arm Movement #1 60/15 Tall kneeling, open kneeling L/R), Frog Squat, 20kg swings

1-arm, 20kg
Clean to Press – 5x,6x
TGU – 1/1, 1/1
Clean to Press
Clean to FSq
Clean to Press
1-arm Clean
Clean to Press
Clean to Press
–Lot more rest on the 2nd round.  Right shoulder is perfect.  Left is still trash.

  • November 3, 2010

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jaime Reply

Good stuff. Is it hard on left side because of shoulder stability or just lack of motor work?

Charlie Reply

Labrum, AC, and overall poor mobility

Tomas Reply

Great job Charlie.
,,Labrum, AC, and overall poor mobility,, time to find some good pt 😉

btw how u find Indian clubs for overal shoulder mobility/warm up?
just thinking to get some

Charlie Reply

Absolutely love the Clubs, Tomas.
And the right shoulder has all the same crap and feels great. Steve Pucciarelli helped with it all summer, and I might just do all 100 snatches with that arm.

Franz Snideman Reply

Charlie, great to hear you are training for the RKC. It will be an honor to have you in the community! Best of luck with the training!



Larry Reply

Great job Charlie. Next time we get together we’ll have to go through that workout. Sounds VERY humbling!

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