Warmup: Foot MFR, Ankle Mob, Hip Mob, Lat Stretch in Cage, Front Butt Matrix, Indian Clubs

KB Circuit
2-arm Swings – 24kg, 20x
TGU – 16 kg, 3/3
2-arm Swings
Double Swing to Press – 16 kg, 8x
2-arm Swings
Double Swing to FSq – 16k, 8x
2-arm Swings
Snatch – 16kg, 10x/10x
2-arm Swings

Conditioning (Versaclimber)
8′ 20/20

Got hijacked in a really good way helping some guys DL and understand some better ways to train.
I think definitely the next few weeks, I will find a way to get some volume back up.

  • December 7, 2010

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