Warmup: Ankle Mob, Hip Mob, Lat Stretch in Cage, Indian Clubs

KB Circuit
Double Arm Swing to FSq – 2 16s, 8x
Double Arm Swing – 2 16s, 12x
Double Arm Swing to FSq
Double Arm Swing to Press – 2 16s, 8x
Double Arm Swing to FSq
TGU – 16kg 4/4
Double Arm Swing to FSq
Snatch – 16 10/10
Double Arm Swing to FSq

–Took some time helping Coach Len put together these circuits for a mass group.  All great moves in my opinion, but I think it is crucial, and this message is almost tired in some circles, that you ace the DL before the Swing before the Clean before the Snatch.  When you swing ruthlessly yet effortlessly, the bell floats into the clean and snatch catches.  Coach is seeing lots of guys catch the swing up on their shoulders, and it’s just not the technique.  You will never get numbers with this technique, and you’ll wind up cranking into impingement after a while as well.
I think the risk-reward in training with KBs is actually very poor if you are not coached well, but then the ratio is quite favorable when technique is solid.

  • December 8, 2010

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Simon Reply

Right on about KBs. The more and more I read about them the more I see it as a true art.

Coach Len Kuhn Reply

Thank you Charlie, your attention to technique is right on the money, I appreciate your valuable time and your input.

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