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If you owned a facility and were in charge overseeing the entire staff from DPT’s to trainers,what are some credentials be it FMS certs/ etc. would you like to see your non medical professional obtain. I’m…..looking for an opinion on what you’d like to see from someone you’d respect and be confident in their abilities.

The list for me, and this is actually where we are going with MARSOC is the following………

FMS Certified
Advanced FMS
Vertical Core Seminar

I’m actually still looking for something that can fill in programming and big lift instruction.
My answers right now would probably be the Dan John RKC program and Mike Boyle’s seminar.
One day I would like to see what kind of mousetrap Joe Defranco really has up there to get the Westside atmosphere in place when you have advanced lifters.

  • December 29, 2010

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bkellylimerick@gmail.com Reply

Shows I was at least on your right track; only one I don’t have is the Vertical Core one. Have had the CSCS and NASM-PES for yrs so you live and learn though at the time they were considered state of the art and things like FMS and RKC weren’t even on the horizon.

Keats Snideman Reply

Good list Charlie. Would you add TPI to that list? That is a cert I’d like to take next year seeming that I live in a Golf Mecca! I supposed TPI is right in line with FMS/SFMA anyway though..

Mark Rippetoe, although I don’t agree with all his stuff has a “Starting Strength” seminar that teaches the Squat, deadlift, bench press, press, and power clean; it looks reasonable though his recomendation to purposely “shrug” at the end of the stading press is odd to me. He does teach the neutral neck position though in the squat and deadlift is which is refreshing to see..


Charlie Reply

Bruce – I was in the very first batch of NASM-CES in the spring/summer of 2006 as they gave all ATCs in the NBA the cert for free.
NASM brings a below average trainer closer to average, but there’s nothing there to bring around average to good, better, best.
That’s just how I see it.

I think NASM just exits to promulgate itself and make robots.
Can you do worse? Much.
Do we need better? Definitely.

Charlie Reply

Keats – Without a doubt, I would add TPI to that list.

Rippetoe’s seminar would be in the same vane as what I would expect from Dan John.

Jason Reply

What is the advanced fms? Also would the AP mentorship be up there?

Charlie Reply

Advanced FMS is a 2nd corrective exercise course only for those that are FMS Certified. It is basically the Secrets DVD series come to life in a 2-day seminar.

I would not put any of the AP courses in this list. If you are someone that is just out of college with no internship or mentored experience, then I think the AP mentorships can be useful, ONLY if you have someone that you can come back to and help you realize what was garbage and what was worth keeping.

james Reply

Are these certs more favourable in addition to or exclusive of the CSCS, CPT, ACE, PES etc?

Charlie Reply

James – For me personally, I would rather see the certs I listed above than any of the ones you have listed.
But indeed most employers would look for one of the certs from the larger organizations.

Petey Reply

I’d like to see what Dan John has to offer in the way of Barbell/Big Lifts. Rip’s seminars are pretty bad-ass for making trainers that will understand how to coach and improve those lift.

Charlie Reply

Yeah, his Dragon Door course was very well received.

John Reply

This might be a dumb question, but is T=R Kettlebells considered a certification? Or should I do the RKC from Dragon Door? I’m looking for the best kettlebell certification I can get. Thank you.

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