RE Upper – 12.18.10

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat Stretch in Cage, Pressups, 2.0, Raptor, Frog Squat, Indian Clubs

DB Bench Press
100 x8,x7,x3,x5
60 x10

Inverted Row (legs to bench) / Push-Pull (Standing) / Rope Pushdown
BW 2×10, +40# vest 2×10
20air 10/10, 30 air 3×10/10
30air 4×20

KB Circuit (BJ Day 3)
1-arm Clean to Press – 24kg 3/3
1-arm  Clean to FSq – 24kg 3/3
1-arm Clean to Press
1-arm Swing – 3/3
1-arm Clean to Press
Snatch – 5/5
1-arm Clean to Press
TGU – 1/1
1-arm Clean to Press

Have to comment that while I working out, I saw Crossfit at its best/worst.  Strong young Marines just butchering box jumps and cleans and that windshield wiper move.  Just a shame.  These guys I couldn’t approach as I usually feel confident enough to go over to guys, young and old and ask for a change or two in form.  These guys were just too much.  It really was shameful.
And keep in mind, I am not offended by using weighted implements for metabolic training.  I am offended by quantity over quality, and the bravado that you’re a bitch if you can’t finish a workout or do it a certain weight.  I really think Crossfit isn’t taught like that.  I really believe that.  But it wasn’t practice like that from what I saw today.

  • December 18, 2010

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Coach Len Kuhn Reply

Charlie, I know whay you mean talk to them everyday, quantity is their only objective, I have been able to get some to adhere to proper form but not when they are with peers or feel pressured to complete specific numbers. I will keep working at it.

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