Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat/Chest Stretch in Cage, ASLR, Pressups, 1st position, RT2 scap stab, 1/2 kneeling pistols, L 1/2 kneeling pelvis rotation, Frog Squats, Indian Clubs

Box Squats (IPF Metal Squatter bottoms, belt, Chuck’s, parallel)
295 6×2
–started thinking about a stich in my side, so maybe too much for 1st day back in several weeks
–Not using the Metal suit for a while stiffened it up, so instead of fight with it for 12″, I went to 13″

315 3×1 (belt)
315 7×1 (no belt)
–Felt fast, good for 50% reps

Bar Rollouts / 1-arm KB Swing + Snatch / Tall Kneeling 1-arm Indian Club Movement #1
135 3×10
20kg 3×10/10+10/10
3×10/10 – slow

Today I worked out in a pair of shorts that I got as part of Rick Barry’s Adidas deal with the Shorecats in 1998.
They were retired today when I noticed a crotchal tear.
Good bye, black Adidas shorts.  Be Well.

  • January 23, 2011

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bkellylimerick@gmail.com Reply

Crotchal, is that a word? Congrats on your recent and future successful ventures.

Charlie Reply

I’ve actually heard other people use crotchal to be defined as of or like the crotch.

Bob Taylor Reply

I’ll send you a new pair of adidas shorts that we get from our schools deal with adidas. I’ll make sure the crotchal area is sturdy.

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