Botox for Knee Pain?

question….regarding the use of botox for ITB friction syndrome?  Im considering its use as suggested by my orthopeadic doctor and to date have not been able to find any studies about its safety etc.

A little too much botox?

I am only familiar with Botox being used in individuals with severe neurological tone. I have not heard of it being used for non-neurologically challenged individuals or for non-cosmetic purposes.

And quite honestly, I would not support botox for someone that has a biomechanical disorder like knee pain. The tone that is part of this equation is something that can and should be treated effectively by neuromuscular training methods.
The botox makes sense to release tone, but you don’t want any muscle to be totally devoid of tone either.

This doesn’t really sound right to me, but truth be told, I’m not familiar with this process. Maybe it’s a type of botox that still allows sensitivity of the muscle to contract and react.

I might make the investment in getting to someone that has great manual therapy or dry needling skills and follow a contemporary paradigm for rehab before you go down the road of something invasive or aggressive like botox.

  • January 12, 2011

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