ME Upper – 1.30.11

Warmup: Ankle Mob, Hip Mob, Lat and Chest Stretch in Cage, ASLR, Pressups, Segmental Rolling, Indian Clubs

DB Bench Press
100 1×10, 4×5

Batwings / Armbar / 1-arm Indian Club
70 3×10
20kg 3×5/5
Movement 1 Tall Kneeling 3×10/10 – slow
–Excited to do Indian Clubs Cert next month w/Brett Jones

KB Circuit (20kg)
1-arm Swing to Press – 4x/4x
1-arm Swing to FSq – 4x/4x
1-arm Swing to Press 1+4x/1+4x
1-arm Swing – 4x/4x
1-arm Swing to Press
Snatch – 4x/4x
1-arm Swing to Press
TGU – 1x/1x
–Low intensity, working on Strict Press technique
–Some puzzle pieces aren’t fitting right, so continuing to keep KB stuff slow

  • January 30, 2011

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