KB Snatch – 2.25.11

Warmup: Frog Squats, Indian Clubs, 24kg Swings and 1-arm Swings

24kg Snatch Test
80 reps in 4:48
–Went 10/9, rest, 8, rest, 7, rest, 6
–Planned to use 10/9, rest, 8/7, reset, 6/5, 5/5, 5/5
–Form felt better as I got into the 9 round. It was just gas; maybe I did get out too fast as some have suggested.

KB Swing
24kg 2′ (20/20)

Worked out with my Marines group in the PM
KB Carrying Variations (Farmers, 1-arm Farmers, Clean, 1-arm Clean, Overhead, Clean/Farmers)
–Trying to teach them to let the shoulder set by hanging; elminating trap and biceps
–Armbars, Getups, Swings, lots of teaching

  • February 26, 2011

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William Nassif Reply

Sounds exhausting. Especially the teaching. 🙂
Do you have any good recommendations of resources i could use to incorporate some KB stuff into my strength programs?

Charlie Reply

Enter the Kettlebell, and just follow what the book says.

Kyle Reply

I believe you have recommended heavy carries for enforcing proper scapular position and stability. Do you follow this with a variety of orthopedic diagnoses for shoulder (postural, dyskinesis, etc.) regardless of age/training level or is it a progression from more basic shoulder stability exericises? Just curious if you feel this is appropriate in a typical OP ortho setting.

Charlie Reply

Kyle – I think these are brilliant options in any kind of setting as long as 1) the action is non-painful, and 2) the load is adaptive and yields proper form.

In all honesty, I don’t care about diagnosis.
I care about movement right/wrong, pain/no pain, and test-retest audits.

I had a PT in California recently send me a video of a 70+ year old RTC tear doing heavy farmers where they used all the little plates they had in the gym with a towel through the hole.
The old man loved it, and the scaps fell down into a nice position.

The key is that the it’s the same muscles developing a motor pattern in a non-provocative shoulder-at-side position. It’s a place to start when there is pain or pathology approaching overhead.

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