ME Lower – 2.2.11

Me, Tom, Matt
@ Tom’s

Box Squat (SSB, IPF Metal Squatter bottoms, belt, Chucks)
–Felt pretty good after 3 hrs sleep and 10hr drive the night before.
Felt natural going into negative shin angle, so I didn’t push it as well.  I’ve met my maker pretty quickly in that past with the SSB and a negative shin angle.

Good Morning (SSB, opened belt)
–GMs for 10 because Wendler said so.  HAHAH.

Rollouts (wheel w/band resistance) / Hanging Abs (Perfect Pull-ups through upper arms, bent knee)
–Yes, these can be done correctly with a neutral spine.

Armbar / Pull-Ups (Rings)
20kg 2×6/6
BW 2×5

KB Snatch
24kg 4×5/5
–Just trying to get some reps in with a Dragon Door.
–Matt was complimentary of my form, and he taught me some tricks on staying away from callouses.

  • February 2, 2011

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