ME Lower – 2.23.11

Me and Action Jackson Coots on the lame ass Keiser rack

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Lat Stretch in Cage, Pressups, 2.0, Frog Squat, Indian Clubs

Manta Ray Box Squat (IPF Metal Bottoms, Belt)
Triple @ 320
Singles up to 460
–Felt good to go big, but 460 was slow for my taste.  The suit bottoms are like 6 years old (nothing more than spandex), and I haven’t had more than 405 on me since the summer.
–I like the Manta Ray right now because 1) there is no crank on the shoulders to get the bar locked in low, and 2) it keeps the total weight low with the bar carried so high.

GHR / Armbar / 1-Arm Swing-Snatch Complex
BW x8, x5, x8
–Wiggled around with this new Hammer Strength GHR.  It’s still lame.  The best GHR I’ve ever used is the UCS.
24kg x3/3, 16kg x5/5
24 kg 3×5+10/5+10
–Nervous with these snatches.  I’ll get needled and Rolfed the week before RKC.  Cardio is not a problem.  Shoulder Mobility is.

Conditioning (Versaclimber)
15′ 30/30

  • February 23, 2011

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