Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Froq Squats, Indian Clubs – Natural 1&2 arm Prep, #1, #2, Skipping Carioca – 3 planes
–Really enjoying the readiness I feel after the carioca patterns.  Along with the fact that I might be just as good as Logan now at doing them.  We will judge this summer.

KB Snatch (24kg Competition KB)
100 reps 4:48
–10/10/10/10, rest for 2 breaths, 10/10, rest for more than 2 breaths, 5/5/5/5, rest, 10/10.
–Think I got to 60 in just under 2:00, and I had just under 1:00 for the last 20.  Just the way Jimmy Yuan told me to do it.
–Wasn’t mortally gassed.  Definitely room for more if any reps didn’t count.
–Right ring callus got jacked up badly, which is a concern, but it will heal, but this was the time trial to know I can do this.
–Definitely ready to go.  It has been stated, and it shall come to pass.

  • April 30, 2011

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