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It’s just been a few days now that I have recovered from that damn Vegas ART trip, and I am in week 2 of I think 5 straight weeks without travelling.  It’s been pretty busy since the new year, and these few weeks are very welcomed to get settled into our new house and regear up for RKC at the end of May.

My schedule for the next few months as of now is mainly speaking engagements where hopefully I can share the recent Continuing Education I’ve sat through recently.
Here’s where I’ll be speaking as well as sitting back for one of the greatest Summers of movies ever……

Highline logo

May 14 – Personal Training Summit
Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA
–It’s been a long time coming that I get out to Seattle area to  spend time with Tim Vagen.  I will be out there a few days early to spend time @ Tim’s facility with his folks as well as the Seattle Sounders I believe.


May 19 – NBA PreDraft NBASCA Trade Show w/Woodway
–It’s always cool to see old friends and stay close to a system that I one day soon hope to return.  Gray and Lee will be presenting FMS to the NBA Strength Coaches which is something that has been almost 5 years in the making from one of the first times I spoke with Lee Burton in 2006.


The Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group

June 3-4 – Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”
Northeastern University, Boston, MA
–For Art Horne’s and Daniel Boothby’s yearly incredible conference, I am a part of a keynote speaking lineup that includes Shirley Sahrmann, Thomas Myers, and Clare Frank.  Make no mistake about.  I enjoy the flattery and being recognized in my profession, and I am comfortable in front of the room.  But if one day someone can react to me as I react to such folks as Tom Myers and Clare, I will probably really be something.  It is a ridiculous honor to be included with these folks, and it will be an incredible show.


June 17 – Green Lantern


June 24-26 – Perform Better Functional Training Summit
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Chicago, IL
–This is the big one.  Bottom line, when you make it to Perform Better, it is a recognition that is truly meaningful.  Part of what makes this one so special as I see it is that you can’t really try to get on this circuit.  You can’t ask or apply for it or try to kick the door down.  You just get the call at some point, and while there are many, many other opportunities for great continuing education, this one is the one you beat your chest for a little bit.  I thank everyone that has shown confidence in me to get to this level of recognition, and I will not let you down with this show on Sunday of the Summit.  It will be worth staying for.


July 7-9 – NSCA National Conference w/Woodway
Las Vegas, NV
–The only way I am going to an NSCA conference is if I’m working and getting paid.  Apparently I am on their banned list as well, and I did not renew my membership this year.  And the NSCA doesn’t get a logo because they are so lame where they invite me to speak, tell me to choose a topic, and then cancel it without ever telling me.


July 23-24 – Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training Seminar Series
Dynamic Solutions, Arlington, VA
–This is going to be my DVD come to life with a lot of updates and new stuff.  It’s hard to believe, but this course will be almost 16 months after we filmed the DVD in NYC.  With the crowd that we already know will be attending, this will be a fantastic weekend.  I’m hoping to get up there a few days early to go see dinosaurs at the Smithsonian too.


August 29-31 – SportsRehabExpert.com Summit
Indianapolis, IN
–Joe Heiler and Mike Robertson are in the process of teaming up for a 3-day event to include Graston Level 1 for medical clinicians, a conditioning day of education, and a rehab day of education.  I’ve in for the Sunday rehab day, but I won’t share the names Joe has in mind until he confirms them publicly, but this is planned to be another all-star event.

  • April 15, 2011

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