Smart Grip Training

When it comes to grip training, there are clearly many ways to skin the cat…………….. it seems safe to say that a modest amount of grip-centric work is a worthwhile investment for anyone who takes his training and physical preparation seriously, whether the attention toward training the hands is more general/broad-based or dialed in on a very specialized event.

Obviously, efforts on this front can be as simple as including a touch of thick-grip work in training sessions, but my question to you is related to a specialized item

Thick bar training is another classic way of working the grip.

Basically “all of the above” on this device.

Grip training is sound and efficacious. I would develop some concern to a dominance of concentric techniques over isometric “grip” techniques, but they are all good.

The struggles comes not as much with the efficacy and carryover of grip training, but the placement in a full program. I think the idea that grip training can come from holding implements during weight training is very fair and probably a better efficiency in terms of time spent.
That being said, if the coach or design of the program is of the belief that the grip training is worth the time-cost and root/cause, then go with it with all the different Milo and Atomic contraptions.

Whether it be the legitimate research that supports grip strength and its biomarker indication or the anecdotal evidence that grip strength = big strong dude, training the grip is always a good idea.

  • May 30, 2011

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