MMS Day 1 – 6.5.11

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Indian Clubs – Natural, 2 Clubs, all patterns, 24kg Swings and Snatches

Bench Press (TPB, Thumb+ off smooth, wrist wraps)
–I am going to use that grip and wrist wraps for this program.  When the monsters @ the Compound grip the bar that wide going raw, I have good reason to listen.
–On Day 1, the goal is to set your weight for the rest of the program by building up to a 5×5 that ends in a comfortable lift.  I defined comfortable by hitting all reps on 1 breath, so I’m @ 235.  My bench is probably what took the biggest hit after dropping weight, but I still insist it’s my shoulder(s) that’s the problem.  Anybody know a good manual therapist?  Hey, I also got up @ 2:30 in the morning to get home today, so maybe my Omega Wave was lousy for a big 5 today.
–The bench part of this program will probably be the hardest part for me to nail every time because I am usually training by myself, and with my technique, it is very hard for me to lift off for myself.  We’ll get it done.

Bat Wings
DB 50# 2x10s hold
KB 32kg 2x10s hold
DB 85# 2x10s hold
–Instructions are to find a weight to base the progress.
–In situations where I don’t have what I need, I’ll use a Light Band under the bench and go by feel.

Bird Dog
1×8/8 w/5s hold

KB 1-arm Press
16kg x3/3
24kg x3/3
32kg x3/2
–28 is probably where I’m at here.

Complex (Row, Clean, Front Squat, Military Press, Back Squat, Good Morning, bar-3x ea)
–Recommended finishing point was 95# for this “getting to know you” Day 1.
–My version will be Row, Clean-Grip Snatch, Back Squat, Military Press, Back Squat, Good Morning.  I am fine front squatting with straps, but I am not fussing with my wrists and tri’s getting into the rack with big weight.  Plus, Gattone said I could snatch.

Squat (no belt)

Recharge days will be KB work, Speed DLs, and Cardio, which of course you’re not supposed to do in Mass Made Simple.

  • June 5, 2011

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Mark McGrath Reply

Interesting with the whole experimental process Charlie, Im with you 100% on the need to use your own experience as first hand knowledge, I just dont get it in the weight room anymore. Ive given KB work a try, but still feel like the weight is restricting my degrees of freedom.
Tonight I did 6 x 60m sprint, 5 x 80m, 4 x 100m and 2 x 150m, with various eccentric balance positions and yoga postures in-between. Feel unbelievable. Instead of squats i do continuous jumps uphill and I use cross-crawl on a hill to load and challenge coordination.
As you say its all movement. Thanks.
PS. Great to see Dave Draper is still so active after all these years (foreword on the book you mentioned in your last blog)

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