Selling the FMS

In response to how I try to sell or convince someone of the FMS’ role……….

I’ve used the following verbage in more formal presentations over the last year or so.
The FMS is a definable metric of movement to guage the appropriate entry into conditioning and performance training, to guage where men and women are at before going into training program, and where are they when they finish a training program.
This is an agreed upon baseline of how men and women should be able to control their bodies which is the quality we look for in injury limitation.

Use this link as well towards that end:

The key to selling the FMS is suggesting if you had a way, in about 10 minutes, where there was mild investment, where you could predict if an individual had an increased risk of getting a musculoskeletal injury as a result of the very necessary physical contribution to their goals, would you want to do it?
If the investment was 10 minutes per employee plus cost of time and supplies, would you want to do it?
If you knew you could add certain training and eliminate other types of training, and you could modify that risk favorably, would you want to do it?
We have this tool, and it is the FMS.

  • June 9, 2011

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raymccarthy3rd Reply


It’s always good to sharpen up our sales pitch. Whats cool is how it sells itself once you start having the potential client try some of these moves. Especially when they have been working out on the “leg Press” for years.

Peace, hope all is well, and hope to see you soon,
Ray Mccarthy

Tim Reply

Thanks Charlie…
I think that many times, as trainers, we have to sell a concept, or a theory, and need to get folks believing in it before they buy in. This is not a concept or a theory, it is simply how we move. If we move incorrectly, we get hurt.
Many people can grasp that.


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