Extra Work-7.12.11

Circuit Training, 45′
30/15 ea, 1′ rest after round

Lateral Bounding
2-arm BU KB Press
Jumping Pull-Ups on Ropes
2-arm Ropes Waves
24kg Swings
12″ Box Jumps
20# Slams
TRX Inverted Rows

  • July 13, 2011

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Dave Redden Reply

45 minutes?… 30 seconds/15 reps? great circuit. wondering about the(‘) and the 30/15 and how heavy are you BU pressing?

Charlie Reply

30s of the technique, 15s rest
All 8 techniques, then 1min rest

The BU Presses were only 15# each. I think the most I have ever done is 16kg. I am very poor at that technique.

Dave Reply

Thanks. Don’t put yourself down. It’s a pretty tough move just putting that Nasty technique in the circuit.

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