ME Upper – 7.22.11

Group 1: Me, Matt, Ant, Bret the Hitman
Group 2: Jody, Donna, Crazy Aaron
Group 3: Tom, Nick Rock, Suspect 1, Young Suspect 2 in wrestling shoes

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Pressups, Leg Rolling, Halos, Indian Clubs – 2 1# clubs — Prep, 1-5
–Physically unable to do Frog Squats second to stab wounds in B quads allegedly inflicted by Bamboo Bar RFE SS on Wednesday

Bench Press (thumb off smooth)
Triples to 195+40 chains
Singles up to 285+40 chains
failed 305+40 chains
–Missed it a little past half way which is not where I usually miss
–Hugely excited about strength, grounding, and doing it all with the most narrow grip I’ve really ever used for a period of time; felt very strong

Slight Incline Press (Swiss Bar, 3rd grip) / Band Pushdown
115×12, 165×12, 185×5
Green 2×10, 1×8
–WAY heavier than planned.  I think the last time I did this @ Tom’s, it was an older green band.

TRX Inverted Row (decline) / Landmine / Double KB Clean to Press
BW 2×10
Bar 2×8
24kg 2×2

KB Clean to Press Ladder
2 20s
2 24s
2 32s
–Easiest going up ever.
40 R/L
–L didn’t look all that pretty.  R went right up.
48 miss R
–I think I gave up on it when I thought I had it.  I got lazy instead of pushing it all the way through.
–I will get 48 off my knees before I try this again.
–Surprised by the difference between 40kg and 48kg


Conditioning (Ropes, Neutral Double Waves)
10′ 40/30

  • July 22, 2011

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Rudy Thomas Reply

You must have THE BEST workout group. Workouts looks gnarly

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