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The most memorable thought for me from Dan John’s book, Never Let Go, was something to the effect of “Sometimes, you just do what Coach says.”
Coach Boyle has a similarly memorable article about progressing from being a cook to a sous chef to a chef.  The cook jut follows orders until he has enough experience to try things on his own.

There’s a lot of things I don’t know anything about.
I just wrote that cardio article simply based on what I’ve learned from others, and I pretty much am doing what they say to do.
When it comes to nutrition, I do what others tell me to do.  I understand the principles and everything, and I know enough about nutrition to not sound stupid, but I am not particularly well read on nutrition and supplements.

Another topic that I know jack about is running a business.  I don’t foresee ever really getting into a business without someone that is also invested in the business but knows how to run a business and can translate what I do to the general public.  I just make the widgets.  I really can’t explain it to the public folks very well.

So why so self-deprecating?
Well, when it comes to fitness business, Alwyn Cosgrove is somebody that a lot of people stop, drop, and listen when it comes to business.  That’s my plan.  I guess it’s time to learn and just be a Cook.
What is really interesting to me is that his model in many circles is considered one of the better models in America shifting towards semi-private and group training and away from one-on-one.
But I also think the medical folks that read my stuff should also listen in to Alwyn’s webinar next Monday @ 8pm EST.  The reason is because whether it’s a source of cash revenue that every PT barks about or the earnest preparation for a new healthcare model where great clinicians can actually get paid what their worth, this Webinar is probably going to have some pearls for you too.

So here’s the details…….

Title of the webinar: The Death of Personal Training
Presenter of the webinar: Alwyn Cosgrove
Date of the webinar: Monday, August 22nd
Time of the webinar: 8pm eastern

And here’s the sign-up for the webinar. <——– CLICK THERE

In a world surrounded by seats.................comes a webinar.........

  • August 17, 2011

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Lauren Reply

Hey Charlie! Anyway we can listen to the webinar if we can’t make it on Monday night? thanks for posting, I think it will be great!

Charlie Reply

Lauren, I’m not sure. There will be instructions or contact info where you sign up.

Jeffrey McCarthy Reply

I have heard it said that it will be distributed to those who can not make it, but signed up.

Nick Chertock Reply

Charlie, way to tie in Dan John and Mike Boyle as these guys are wise. And when it comes to the business of fitness there’s Thomas Plummer and now there’s Cosgrove as the two guys at the top. It’s such a vastly different skill than creating training programs for athletes or rehabbing someone’s knee or identifying postural deficiencies. Listening to Cosgrove do his ‘Business of Fitness’ segment on Anthony Renna’s podcast I’ve learned a ton, even though I have no plan to ever be a trainer.

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