DE Lower – 9.3.11

Me, Matt, Dr. Nick
–Matt didn’t feel right so did much of his own thing.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Halos, Frog Squats, Indian Clubs – Open Half Kneeling, 2 2″ Clubs, Prep+1

Sumo DL (Okie Bar, negative shin angle, belt, barefoot)
Singles up to 415
–Very interesting go at it.  Early and not amped, or maybe gravity was 10.8 m/s2 this morning.
–I’ve always struggled with the Okie Bar (never pulled more than 585 with it).  Today was no different.  I think as I sat back to break the floor, the Okie bar bows.  The extra time to break the floor led me to a negative shin angle continuing to sit back, and the bar was very slow off the floor.  Once it whipped up, the finish was quicker.
–This technique was not ideal for DE, but it was interesting to at least theorize about what I think was happening.

Double KB Swing to Clean to Squat / Pull-Ups
2 16s 5+1+5
2 32s 4×5+1+4

BW 5×3

  • September 3, 2011

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