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One of the major tenets to the Functional Movement System and the messages of the many systems that espouse some kind of baseline movement standard is that non-painful dysfunction is a prime target for correction and training modification.
Basically in the world of the weight room, what doesn’t kills us doesn’t make us stronger.  What doesn’t kill us just hasn’t really killed us yet.  So to appease the contrarians, it’s not a guarantee, but it’s bound to happen eventually, especially the harder you train.  A lot of times, we are lifting against the weights AND the resistance and resting tension in our own body.  And if we are not keen to screening movement in some way before training, we’re basically just hoping for good, better, or best.

This link will take you to 2 of Eric Cressey’s videos piggybacking off the message of screening as above.  He discusses of some of the how and why of underlying injuries and dysfunctions that many of us go into training with in the first and some more global training messages in the 2nd.

I have known Eric for many years, and he has found a very capable approach to distant programming that I have yet to figure out.  I do know we have very similar thought processes on how to move well, move strong, move fast, and move long.  I think these brief webinars will show this and give you some pieces of the puzzle from a different voice.

  • October 17, 2011

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