ME Lower – 11.1.11

Me, Matt, Ant, Captain Starstruck
–The Captain is going to become Rob when I get back from Palo Alto.  I am impressed with his work.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Seated Shoulders

Box Squat (Spider Bar, belt, Chuck’s, DomFom Marathon)
Singles up to 445+100 bands (minis doubled)
–Bands grounded me, and I am maybe coming to the conclusion that sitting all the way back with these specialty bars is just over my head from the minimal gear that I am wearing.
–With the bands keeping the bar grounded, I felt like I had a ton more in the tank, but I may have been squatting to a box on 50% of the reps rather than always box squatting. The last rep was a pure box squat.

Armbar / Pull-Up / BU KB Front Squat
34kg 3×3/3
BWx5, +24kg on foot 3×1, 3×2
–touching something on every rep
2 10kg 3×5
–1st set was disgusting and enjoyed by all.
–Going to try to do something bottoms up every workout.

Conditioning (1-arm KB Swings)
32kg 5/5 on the minute, 10′
–I’m supposed to be able to do 10/10????????
–Running about 15/45 after the 2nd set, 20/40 on the 1st 2.

  • November 1, 2011

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