ME Upper – 1.27.12

Tom’s Termites – Tom, David Silver from 90210, Tired John, My Arms Are Too Long To Bench Doug, Crazy A
Chuck’s Wagon – Me, Matt, Jeff Stru, Ant, Frank Rock
–The Termites tried, but they could not intimidate us to get off the bench before we finished.

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Seated Shoulders, Splits

Bench Press (TPB, pinky on the ring, SlingShot)
–The Slingshot is like the Great Glass Elevator under the bar.

Band Pushdowns (Green) / Incline Press (Log Bar-Angled Grips) /  Pull-Ups (rings)
10s up to 205

1-arm BU Press
16kg 2×5/5, 1×6/6
24kg 2×1/1
–Not pretty but clean.  Best I’ve ever shown you with the 24.

Van Dam Lift
–Got the no hands split pretty easily, but the worst I’ve ever felt up on the steps.  Didn’t give it too many tries today.

  • January 27, 2012

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