RME Lower – 1.3.11

Me, Matt, Ant

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Seated Shoulders

Box Squat (Spider Bar w/handles, 44 ACE Briefs)
5×355+130 chains
4×405+130 chains
5×475+130 chains (high box)
–Trying to keep moving back up.  Could have done more.  The 475 set should have been the 4.

GM (Buffalo Bar, Belt)
145 2×10

Conditioning (Ropes, Alternating Waves)
20′ 30/30
–1st 10 min, neutral grip
–2nd 10 min, overhand grip

  • January 3, 2012

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John Glenn Reply

Charlie, how intense on the 30 sec intervals with the rope when going for 20 min?

Charlie Reply

Eh, about a 5 on RPE.

Trav876 Reply

Charlie- pardon the question if it’s obvious..I have been watching your training for a while (and do read and really enjoy a ton of your stuff). I’ve assumed you’re referencing concurrent periodization methods with your abbreviations (Max Effort, Dynamic Effort, etc.). What is the “R” for in this ME Lower lift?

Also, as an aside, why no more Submax Effort (SE) or Rep Effort (RE) days tossed in there for the last month or more?


Charlie Reply

M of RME = Method of Repeated Maximal Efforts; it’s like heavy doubles or 4s, etc.

Charlie Reply

Repeated Method is going to failure with a set weight, which I pretty much name it wrong anyway

Trav876 Reply

Ah, gotcha…thanks!

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