DE Upper – 2.27.12

Group 1 – Me, Matt, Jeff Stru, Rob
Group 2 – Tom, David Green from 90210, Tired John, Patrick the Starfish

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Rib Roll, Raptor, Seated Shoulders, Indian Clubs – 1 1# Club,  open-half kneeling, Prep+1-2

Bench Press (TPB, pinky on the ring)
3×175+160 bands
–Terrible liftoff, but still went pretty nicely.  Not fast enough for today’s standard.
Triples with 135+160 bands

Tall Kneeling BU KB 1-Arm Press / Rope Pushdowns / Plank / Wave Rows
12kg 10/10
16kg 3/3+5/5, 3/3+6/6, 3/3+7/7
20kg 1/1
–Nailed it in Warrior Restoration t-shirt
–The right went up shockingly easy that I paused halfway as if it was going up too fast.


3x working on breathing and neck rotations

24kg 10/10
32kg 2×10/10
Conditioning (Ropes, Double Overhand Waves)
4x 20/100

  • February 27, 2012

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I love the nicknames. Glad I’m not in your group as I’m not sure what nickname you would come up with! 🙂 See you in Richmond the end of April.

Charlie Reply

It’s just a name that comes to mind after an initial impression or recent actions.

Charlie Reply

Westside does it, so I am just copying them.
And we did the same thing in Ironsport. If I had a nickname there, I didn’t know about it.

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