Functional Strength Coach 4

Since I strive to be as transparent as possible when it comes to being public on the Internet, I know full well that I am not writing this blog on this Website, I never would have made a DVD, you’d never would have seen me teach a seminar if it wasn’t for Mike Boyle.

This is fact.

I knew Coach Boyle during my time in the NBA, but it was where I first read Functional Training for Sports, where I still have an Excel of every exercise and every phase.  And it was then where I also watched Functional Strength Coach 1.  I remember having my wife order it while I was on the road.
I remember seeing Coach Boyle speak for the time in Danvers, CT at what was then the precursor for what we now know as Perform Better’s Functional Training Summit.  It was also where I first saw Mark Verstegen, Stuart McGill, Sean Gallagher, and Bud Ferrante speak.
That was my Ah-Hah moment.  I was sold on the “right way” to go about training and rehab.

But it was not until my participation in and that he allowed the platform for me to express myself, teach, and subsequently drive my confidence and career to new heights.

With no hesitance at all, I hope all of you can experience similar strides with Coach’s Functional Strength Coach 4 that comes out next week.

Thank you, Coach.
I am a Boyle guy.

Functional Strength Coach 4

The Best in the Business.

  • April 18, 2012

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