ME Upper – 4.6.12

Me, Tom, Matt, David Silver from 90210, Chris Fan, Travis Pastrana

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats, Indian Clubs – Natural, 1 1# Club, Prep+1-2

Bench Press (TPB, pinky on the ring, Slingshot)
Singles up to 365

Bench Rows (Football Bar, 3rd grip, against Elite Strong) / Rollouts (Ab Dolly) / Rope Pushdowns
x10, x30, x10
50 3×20

Bench Gauntlet (TPB, 3-, 4-, 5- Board)
205 + 120 bands x5, x5, x3
–pinky on ring
135 +120 bands x5, x5, x8
–thumb+ off smooth


  • April 7, 2012

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Shane Miller Reply

Hey Charlie,

Love your stuff.. gonna be getting your DVDs very soon.

Quick question for you.. I’ve seen this slingshot in a few vids and it’s left me with the impression that it sort of does some of the work of the lats and pecs when benching.

My thoughts being that it is also helping to keep the upper arm in external rotation by means of keeping the humerus closer to the body (with hands fixed wider on a bar).

And if this is the case, is this tool not taking away from what your own body should be doing? Kinda like benching on a Smith machine or something like that? We can all usually bench more on a Smith machine, but bench on a Smith machine for a while and go back to regular bench and your bench has dropped.

Am I in the ballpark? And if so or if not, could you help me to understand how it is of benefit?

Although I like to think I have a pretty good progressive mind and that I can think things through pretty clearly, I’m always open to learn from the real experts!

Thanks again Charlie!


Charlie Reply

It is not like a Smith Machine at all; you still must be in complete control of the bar with your own stability pattern.
It is assistive in keeping you in a nice groove much like a lighter bench shirt.
I can definitely bench more with the Slingshot than without.

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