ME Lower – 9.10.12

Me, Matt, Rob

Warmup: Foot MFR, Toe Pulls, Frog Squats

Good Morning (Buffalo Bar, Belt, Chuck’s, Rehbands that do nothing)
4×315+40 chains
5×315+40 chains
5×335+40 chains
–With the chain cycles,  I like to nail the same weight and reps as the week before with 1 less chain.  That didn’t happen this week, but the work on these lifts is big.  Looking for a big squat after RKC recert.

BJ Day 1 (1 32kg KB)
1-arm Swings                  5/5
TGU                                    1/1
1-arm Swings                  5/5
1-Arm Clean to Squat 1+5/1+5
–Matt called me out on the soft clean, which was correct, so I did an extra set of 5/5 cleans.
1-arm Cleans                  5/5
1-arm Swings                 5/5
1-arm Clean to Press  3×1+1/3×1+1
–The crisp clean gets the press off easier.  Doing reps with any weight gets at my shoulder.
1-arm Swings                5/5
1-arm Snatches            5/5
1-arm Swings                5/5
1-arm Snatches            5/5/1/1
1-arm Snatches            4/4/1/1
1-arm Snatches            3/3/1/1

  • September 11, 2012

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