DE Lower – 11.17.12

Me, Tom, Matt
–When we’re all there and nail a Saturday morning workout, it’s really a great experience.

Warmup: Tactical Frog, Raptor, 2.0, Splits, Indian Clubs – Natural, 2 1# Clubs, Prep+1-5

DL (Okie Bar, Chuck’s)
135+200 bands x5
135+200 bands x10 (1x/20s)
–no belt
–Elite bands quad’d = ~ 100# each side
225+200 bands x3
225+200 bands x10 (1x/20s)
315×10 (1x/20s)

GHR / Rope Pushdowns / Full Body Twist
BWx10, x7, x5
50 2×20, 70×10
Bar 3×10
–first time trying them with Pavel’s technique, which is a little different than the legit landmine

Gi Grip Deficit DL
Singles with 165, 215
–Bar set up lower than feet
–Using these new straps that martial arts Gi-material and are probably designed for pulling movements, not DL
–Will get video when I get 225, which will prob be next week

Rolling Thunder
90 2x 2-4 ladder
–Left > Right

–All kinds, Van Dam felt awful 

  • November 18, 2012

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