ME Upper – 11.16.12

Group 1 – Me, Matt, Frank Rock, Man Mountain Rock
Group 2 – Tom, Chris Fan, Tired John, Young Kid Slim Shady, Valdemort

Warmup: Tactical Frog, Rolling Thunder – 90#, sets of 5, Indian Clubs – Natural, 1 2# Club, Prep+1-2

Floor Press (TPB, thumb+ off smooth)
–PRs even on warmup for this grip, and no wrist wraps which are big difference makers for me
–HUGE 275 for Frank Rock.

Double BU KB Clean to Press / Armbar / Rollout (little wheel)
Set 1 – Played around
Set 2 – 2x 3 cleans + 1 Press
–Nailing it
Set 2 – 2x 3 cleans + 1 Press
–Nailed 1st, very squishy on 2nd

16kg 2×3, 1×1 w/shoulder turns

BW 3×10

Ropes (2″, neutral double waves)
4x 25/50

Bench Press (Tsunami Bar)
30x Bar+120
–weight of bar TBD
–videos on Facebook
–likely to be renamed the Salamander Bar
–Carrying in the bar yesterday, I was like, “This doesn’t bend that much.”

Ropes (2″, neutral double waves)
4x 25/50
–gassed out about 18-20s through 5th set

Rolling Thunder
90-105 all throughout workout
–PR I think was 135 many years ago at an Ironsport Strengthfest

  • November 16, 2012

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