RE Lower – 11.20.12

Me, Matt, Rob

Warmup: Tactical Frog, 2.0, 90# Rolling Thunders, Indian Clubs – Natural, 2 2# Clubs, Prep (worked on criss-crossing slowly)
–Very different with 2 2# Clubs.  Only 1# difference but 100% increase. 

Squat (Buffalo Bar)
232×25 (no belt)
232×20 (belt)
143×30 (no belt)
–Matt went for a couple 25s with 143, and Rob did 1.  Lots of fist pumping while I was on my stomach when Rob went to get his belt to do another set.  That dude has come a LONG way.
–Gameplan is to keep working up to 3 wheels for maybe 8-12 and then work on narrowing out the rest intervals.
–The 3 wheels for 20+ will be with the UCLA bar. 

And then I did some rounds of this………………….

  • November 20, 2012

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Rick Kaselj Reply

Nice set of workout for doing squat. Thanks for sharing Matt.

Keep us posted.

Rick Kaselj

Charlie Reply

My name is Charlie, not Matt.
I’ll remove your link…………..again now.

Ron Dykstra Reply

Hey Charlie! I hear your name is no longer Matt? What gives? Awesome training session as always. Also the bear crawls and shoulder rolls are cool.
Stay awesome!

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