DE Upper – 2.4.13

Group 1 – Tom, Chris Fan, Ant, Rob, Patrick the Starfish
Group 2 – Me, Matt, Frank Rock, EL MAYOR, Man Mountain Rock

Warmup: Tactical Frog, 2.0, Rolling Tunder

Bench Press (IW Bar, 3 grips)
8×3 180+80 bands
1×225+80 bands (pinky on ring)
1×265+80 bands (pinky on ring)
–Worst liftoff known to man; too embarassed to even post the video
–Getting back on toes again is working out well

Rolling Thunder / Rollouts (little wheel) / Pull-Ups
100 x3/3, x4/4, x5/5
BW 3×12
BW x5, 2×7
–Best Pull-Up reps at this weight (high 190s)

Ropes (2″, double neutral waves)
6x 15/30

  • February 5, 2013

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