Group 1 – Me, Matt, David Silver from 90210
Group 2 – Tom, Chris Fan
–Totally should have had 1 group today

Warmup: Indian Clubs – Natural Stance, 2 1# Clubs, Prep+1-5

1-Board Press (pinky on the ring, T&G)
Singles up to 330
–miserable lift off, but I wish I would be getting 2-4 singles at this intensity every time; slow lift, in control the whole time, big push down, this is the only way I am going to get better
225×15 {to chest}

BW x9, x8, x7, x6, x6
–Best session of pull-ups in my life, never fails how Easy Strength principles work

Tempo Runs (+60 on sled, down and back)
~15 min

  • April 19, 2013

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