Group 1 – Me, Matt, David Silver from 90210, EL MAYOR, Rob
Group 2 – Tom, Chris Fan, Frank Rock, Ant

Warmup: Tactical Frog, 2.0, Indian Clubs – Natural, 2 1# Clubs, Prep+1-3

Bench Press (IWB, 3 grips, competition paused)
8×3 95+140 bands
singles up to 195+140 bands (thumb+ off smooth)
–The big bands forced the lats to come in.  Enjoyed this reaction.

Super Bar Extensions
Bar+50# x15, x20, x25

BW x9, x8, x7, x7, x6
–Best 9 ever

1-arm KB BU Press
nailed 28 on R and L
–first time on L; cheat clean on both



Afternoon @ Drive

Warmup: Indian Clubs-Natural, 2 1# Clubs, Prep+1-5

Half Kneeling 1-arm KB Press (pressing off front knee side)
16kg 3x Ladder 1-3
–Basic ETK start here

BU KB Stuff
16kg 3/3x Clean to Press
–No cheat
16kg 1x Double Clean to Squat to Press

Ropes (1.5″, double waves)
4x 25/35
rest 1′
4x 25/35
rest 1′
4x 25/35
–rep 4 on 2nd round was done.  Reps 2-4 on 3rd round were done.

  • April 22, 2013

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