Warmup: Tactical Frog, 2.0, Indian Clubs – Tall Kneeling, 1 2# Club, Prep+1-2

Half Kneeling 1-Arm KB Press (off front side knee)
16kg 4 Ladders x1/1 – x3/3
–Heavier than a 16 should feel, but I’m just putting the time in for this run.

KB Snatch
16kg Ladder x1/1 – x5/5
28kg Ladder x1/1 – x8/8
28kg x5/5 on the minute
–Handling the 28 well
–1st 3 5/5 were 35 seconds, 4 and 5 were 30-32 seconds as I let it glide a little at the top
–Lots of good things happening here, nailing the power breath with the bell at the forehead, snapping out of the hole better, chalk felt right on the handle

BW x9, x8, x8, x7, x6
–Nailed every one.  Hollow was there when I needed it.
–15 whenever I test fresh is not out of the question.

Double KB Snatch
24s x1, x2, x3
–I’m sure these looked as horrible as they felt, but no tweaks.  Just in over my head with all this work and yesterday.

  • April 23, 2013

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