MSE Case Study


Multi-Segmental Extension of the SFMA,       courtesy of TPI Medical Level 2 Manual

Case Study of SMFA Multi-Segmental Extension Breakouts

1. Spine Extension-ended up in “if extension is FN, may have Weight Bearing Spinal Extension SMCD, but still move to lower and upper body extension flowcharts.”

So here we would have probably have seen Prone Extension to yield full range and good segmental motion.
Loaded vs. Unloaded spinal extension would have to lead us to look at the upper and lower, and limitations there would cause an illusion of poor spinal extension in the vertical.

2. Upper Body Extension-ended up in “Fundamental Extension SMCD.”

Starting to see a trend here.  T-spine was normal, and the shoulder motion didn’t match up to what was shown standing.
Good chance this individual is so Gumby and instead of controlling all this mobility with solid patterns, they are finding some inefficient pattern.  Gumby folks can be so loose that they flip over and appear and feel very, very tight.
However, this is a software problem.  This SFMA so far is proving it’s not a hardware problem.

3. Lower Body Extension-ended up at “Hip JMD &/or TED and/or Core SMCD. Perform local biomechanical testing of the hip.”  Extension and Internal Rotation are both limited.

Here’s where you need to be a PT and get after it as this is a capsular pattern.
And the better skills you have, what looks like a locked up JMD, unlocks very quickly.

Training = Rehab Keys:
Link increase of thoracic extension to lumbar extension in sagittal plane
–Half Kneeling Upper Body Training: Chops, Lifts, Halos, Presses, Indian Clubs
Breathing in symmetrical prone and supine positions
Extension-based Upper Body Segmental Rolling
Neuroceptive Input, Manual Therapy, Assisted- and Self-Mobilization to increase hip extension
–Posterior Hip Capsule is a target
Plank, Anti-Extension progressions
Progress through ASLR to Hip Hinge to DL and Swing if DN MSF

  • April 22, 2013

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