Group 1 – Me, David Silver from 90210, Frank Rock, EL MAYOR, Rob
Group 2 – Tom, Chris Fan, Ant, Man Mountain Rock

Warmup: VibraRoll, Brettzel, 2.0, Indian Clubs – Open Half Kneeling, 2 1# Club, Prep+1-4 each side

Bench Press (IWB, 3 grips, paused)
8×3 75+190 bands
–Lots of room to go up over next 2 weeks.  Bar was flying, so we’ll maybe go to 95 next week, and the bar will still be flying.

And Then This Happened
David – 185×21
Frank – 185×16
Jon – 185×16
Rob – 185×12
Ant – 185×31
Tom – 185×21
Chris – 185×22
CW – 225×16
–So awesome.  Everybody watched everybody.  Like the good ol’ days.

Pull-Ups (3s hold @ top)
BW x4, x3, x2, x1, x1
–Getting way over the bar.
–Frank got 9.  EL MAYOR got 7.  These guys are just killin’ it.

KB Circuit (Double 24s)
5x Double Swings
1+5x Double Clean to Push Press
5x Double Swings
1+5x Double Clean to Squat
5x Double Swings
1+1x Double Clean to Jerk
–Need to warm up more to mess with this, but yes, I am officially preparing for Level 2.

  • May 13, 2013

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