Group 1 – Me, Matt, Rob, Man Mountain Rock, MMR’s Son
Group 2 – David Silver from 90210, Frank Rock, EL MAYOR, Ant
–I said 1 group, and it would have been fine.

Bench Press (IWB, 3 grips, paused)
95+190 8×3
singles up to 185+190 {pinky on ring}
pinned on 200+190

BU KB Presses
Clean+ Press 22kg on each side
24kg on right, cheat clean on left
32kg almost on right, best ever on left, but not Statue of Liberty holding it

Pull-Ups (3s hold @ top)
BW x4, x3, x3, x2, x1
@ Drive later in morning w/Don
KB Swings
24kg Ladder 1-10

Double KB Swing
2 24s Ladder 1-5

Double KB Clean
2 24s Ladder 1-5

Double Swing + Clean + Strict Press
2 24s Ladder 1-5

None of these felt crisp or right.

And this…………..

  • May 20, 2013

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