@ Drive
Me, Don, Dov

Warmup: VibraRoll, Indian Clubs – Natural, 1 1# Club, Prep+1

TGU Series (2x each arm)
16kg Armbar
–Hips, Shoulder Rotations, Neck Rotations, Crooked
16kg TGU to Post x5/5
24kg TGU to Elbow x5/5

Double KB Clean and Jerks
Double 12s 1x every 5 steps, ~4×100′
Double 12s Ladder to 5
Double 16s Ladder to 5
–Very humbling, but I am working on this technique.  I’m sure I can gut through 5 reps of the 24, but I will get better.

BW x9, x8, x6, x6, x5
–Last rep on the x7 no good, reset for the 5th on the 5th
–Had at least 12+ on the first set without doing pull-ups in over a month.  PR=14

  • July 22, 2013

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