Me, Matt, Chris Fan, David Silver from 90210, Frank Rock, EL MAYOR

Warmup: VibraRoll, Tactical Frog, Inverts, Skipping

6 rounds (with warmup)
Bench Lockouts (thumb off smooth) – 315×3
El Gordo Bench Press (thumb+ off smooth) – 165×4-5
DB Bench Press – 40×10
MB Chest Pass – 12lb x10
Full Body Plyo Pushups – x3-4
KB Clean Walk – 24s ~ 50 yards

Bench Press (El Gordo, thumb+ off smooth)
singles up to 255
–Not tired out of breath, just BP muscles stopping; no ability to strain

Pushdowns / Rollouts (Ab Dolly) / Inverted Rows (legs long, wobble bar)
Band x30
BW 2×15
BW 1×10
–Got bored and worked on Van Dam Split and stuff that other people can’t do on the rings.

  • November 22, 2013

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