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I wanted to get this thought typed out before the mental words got lost in my head. When I do the Random Thoughts post, I just type in things throughout the day. When I go to put it all together, what I have written triggers my thoughts, and I put in my little blurbs. Sometimes I get to my notes, and I just delete them as I can’t remember what I was thinking of. It couldn’t have been that important I guess. I didn’t want this to happen with this little anecdote from my training this morning.

So since getting back from PanAm Games, where I could not train much until the last few days of our competitions, I haven’t had nearly the fantastic groove with my training before leaving.  The week before the 2 weeks at PanAm I also didn’t train much as I was in Disney for the NSCA National Convention.  By the way, I was really pleasantly surprised how well my talks when there being the first time in like 6 years I’ve been to an NSCA event.

When I’m local and regular in Westside training, Saturdays are Dynamic Effort Lower.  The steady diet is 10×2 or 12×2, 40s or 60s rest, walking out the UCLA or Buffalo Bar and 10-20×1 with pulling off the floor or a slight deficit.  Last night was the first night of sleep where I didn’t get up before 4am since coming back from PanAm, so I didn’t exactly decide to get to the gym until close to Noon.  Sign #1 that today may not have been a great workout.  Getting up later also led me to not Omegawave, not because waking up late invalidates what I think it tells me, but rather I was just out of it and off a good schedule.

I got to the gym, long story short: Feeling a little rushed starting so late wanting to get back home to the pool and Rumble, decent warmup, not a strong sweat with the air conditioner on in the gym, UCLA bar so shoulders and wrists are getting jacked, lazy and alone to put on my old Marathon suit (bequeathed by the legendary Dominic Fonio from Ironsport) so it was kind jacked, lots of stuff to complain about.
Anyway, I settled on 2 wheels + 1 chain, which is about 50-90# less than what I usually use for Dynamic Effort work.  I wasn’t going to last with 3 wheels, so I ran 10×2, 60s rest.  Some reps felt better than others, but this wasn’t a great much of a great effort on my part.
Pulling 295+2 chains at 0.5″ deficit for 10 reps was okay, and then another 5 reps with another chain, also okay.
No juice to do Reverse Hypers, KB Ballistics, or upper body assistance stuff that I usually pick and choose from.

My question was maybe if I Omegawaved this morning, I could have saved myself the trouble of coming in for an inefficient training session and just gone to the big box gym I go to for some cardio.

And this got me thinking of the message that this post is about.

The polarizing nature of 2 things that I strongly champion, the FMS and Omegawave, I think is more based on the perception that these tools lead to definitive linear decisions on what to do.  People wrongly think the FMS says never do that exercise or don’t train.  They think Omegawave tells you to sit out practices or even games when you’re in the red or yellow.
This is not at all correct.

The realities in using these models, when run them correctly, give you an expectation of what you should expect as a result of your training.  You may wind up with a very high work output or successful competition despite the “bad” things you see from FMS or Omegawave.  But a 1 or a red are not bad.  These are just bits of information that speak to the cost of what you choose to do next.

With assumed compromise from FMS or Omegawave, one can choose different exercises or volumes/intensities and take great advantage of what your information yielded.  You can stick with what you originally thought was Plan A and then see how the person adapts.  Then you will see how useful these tools are for you.

I’ve found stiff shoulders don’t typically feel good the next day after pressing 48kg.
And I’ve found players don’t typically have good games after a “working hard” and “putting the time in” after a few days of being fatigued.

Now it is fair and common to suggest that if you are so buried with stiffness or overtraining that the same reasons will lead to expect inefficient adaptations post-training and poor work/performance.  But this isn’t always the case.
Maybe that’s what my Omegawave would have shown today.  Or I could have seen some things, got all amped up, had a great workout and felt even worse tomorrow.  Sometimes being super Sympathetic leads to a training session becoming a competition.  You kill it, and then you’re in need of recovery.

Nothing is linear.  We all want “tell me what to do, and I’ll do it.”
Nothing is linear.  Information just informs on what you can expect from your next step.
You deciding the next step is just the cost of doing business.

Using information to decide the next step.

Using information to decide the next step.

  • August 8, 2015

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