Random Thoughts from Spin Class

So today I went in to take Thomas Phillips’ spin class at Fit For Life in Marlboro.  Here are my random thoughts………….
tphillips_fitforlife_logoThe first spin class I ever took was a few years ago when Equinox bought Soul Cycle.  Equinox sent me there to take a class, meet the owners, and give feedback.
I very much enjoyed the class.  I felt great, but part of that was that I knew when to turn the dial more or less based on what was being instructed.
I thought the owners were awesome as well.  They totally know who they’re selling to and how to make them happy.  Obviously we knew I wasn’t their target customer, and not everybody can block out the “soul” and just enjoy the cycle.  But after that first time, I have totally been in favor of spinning.

I have been struggling getting to “OMG, I’m gonna die” intensities with my cardio, where going back and throwing TKD kicks with Ryan Johnson is the only thing that can get me to tap out.  So I was hoping spinning would be able to get me into 90%+ levels for the goals of fat loss.
I think my inability to get into these levels can have to do with the work capacity that I do have as well as the different efficiencies using different modalities.  For instance, 5 minutes of any kettlebell technique is very limiting, but heart rate is not typically above 160.  It may take me 3 minutes to get even over 160 on the versaclimber, but I’ve done 3 minutes over 170 on the ArcTrainer.  All very interesting things.
Efficiency of a modality in training is a very interesting topic which also has to include fundamental joint competency and/or mobility/stiffness buffer zone.
Stiffness obviously has enormous value in explosive activities, but I imagine it will be a terrible deterrent in maintaining particular heart rate intervals over time.
Ahhhh, the plight of being explosive……..

I found it very challenging to sync my RPE to what was being asked during the class to how many turns of the dial.

I also found it very challenging to sync an arm swing during the recovery periods at a higher RPM.

I wasn’t tracking HR, so maybe that would have helped.
I also think I would have liked seeing some kind of metric related to RPM or some make believe biofeedback on power output.  If the instructor wants a certain power output, it could probably come from more than 1 combination of RPM and wheel resistance.
And maybe I should patent that right now.

I will do more Alactic Intervals on Tuesday, like 10:50.  I don’t think HR will be useful with such as a short period of ON interval.

Look how they turn...........

Look how they turn………..

Oh, then I did 11-10-9-8-7 pull-ups before I left.

  • May 1, 2016

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