[VIDEO] Random Thoughts on Bilateral Deficit

Random Thoughts on Bilateral Deficit

  • March 27, 2018

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Chris Reply

Thank you for these thought provoking sessions. After listening I took a five minutes and poked around looking for a DIY force plate. Then I ran across this: ‘http://ipl.physics.harvard.edu/wp-uploads/2013/03/ps2_f07_4.pdf’ — I quickly read through it and pondered a statement in the pdf – “the force plate only reads the normal force.” Hmmm not sure what that means to me yet – especially in how would a trainer or lay person use a force plate as a measuring tool. Whats the goal? Thanks Chris

Nathan Reply

Thanks for the thought-provoking video. I’ve been hung up on the idea of lowest system load and bilateral deficit, and you’ve really shed light on these two topics and connected them so well. Thanks, Charlie.

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