Answering more of your questions on T=R: Kettlebells

I really loved what I was doing on T=R: Kettlebells since the attendees were very engaged, and comfortable asking me questions that are on camera, which allowed me to “do my thing.”

Those questions drove the content in T=R Kettlebells, which makes it very unique compared to some other things that are out there.

I wanted to put a spotlight on how I’m coaching, and why I’m choosing to say what I say to get people to feel positive about what they’re doing and be successful.

If there are questions and topics that you’d like me to talk about and create content on, send me a message and throw them out there!


For anyone that purchased any of the hard copies of T=R, T=R2, or T=R3, you’ll get streaming access to your previously purchased titles free of charge with purchase of T=R Kettlebells!


  • April 18, 2020

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