Physical Therapy and Fitness during these difficult times

I was really flattered. I saw earlier today that there was a testimonial about T=R: Kettlebells.

I think it’s worth noting that even if you are certified in some other version of kettlebell instruction, T=R: Kettlebells can still give you a very good opportunity to improve what you’re doing with your own training or with others. I’ve actually said that the most important thing that I would actually like people to see out of T=R: Kettlebells is not just what we’re doing with a piece of iron, but rather that some of the things that I’m doing in terms of coaching and the words that I’m trying to use.

Another thing I know we’ve done fairly well and received some kind of commendation for is what we’re doing for virtual physical therapy.

Sometimes people ask me, “Hey, are you doing this?” I’m like, “Dude, I just spent a significant amount of money promoting it!”

We are available for virtual physical therapy, whether it’s with me or Dr. Kyle Balzer, there’s a lot of availability. Those guys are going to be able to potentially use your insurance, depending on the type of insurance that you have. I’m continuing to not have the insurance available.

A lot of folks have been happy and very surprised at the kind of results that we’re getting through this online virtual physical therapy as well as online training.

What we’ve done is take an hour for the online training and start to put together information such as, “What equipment do you have? How do you like to train? Hey, what would you do if I asked you to do this on a Tuesday?” Once we get past that and have a very open line of communication through text or email, we’re able to put together 12 weeks of a fun program where lots of good results can be had. We can tailor it to particular sports where we think we know the exercises that carry over, energy systems for certain sports, different types of goals, fat loss, general population.

So, I think we have a shape now of what that online training should look like

I like where we’re at with the online training, really like where we’re at with the virtual therapy and it’s always nice to have a big company give you some positive feedback and very complimentary for being available to do something like that.

So please check out You’ll find T=R: Kettlebells now. There’s something coming within the next several weeks that I’m going to be even more excited about than I was. Probably something a little bit more in the rehabilitation space, still training, not breaking any rules, and nobody’s going to learn how to practice physical therapy over a video, but we’re looking to add some things there that I think will be even more popular and get some even more positive feedback with what we’re doing.

Lastly, because physical therapy is considered essential, in-person services are available. I’m currently available in Florida and in NYC, and Dr. Kyle Balzer is available to see you in NYC for physical therapy.

What we’ve done is maintained the same level of cleanliness and the same level of maintaining all the different types of factors that are important, and the doors are closed. So, when you’re seeing one of the therapists, there is no one else in the facility.

I’m trying to take advantage of a very difficult situation, and still be able to do some of the things that add to normalcy. I hope you’re trying to figure out some things on your own as well. If you’re struggling how to navigate your business during these times, we could explore scheduling a business consultation.


  • April 30, 2020

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