More on Machines, the ACL, and Watermelons

Consider this a continuation of the last video that I set out discussing an interesting perspective on the use of machines, and obviously, like I always do, I leave things out and people interpret it how they want.

I’m not at all interested in using machines to get stronger, more endurance, etc. Those are all I consider micro qualities. The macro qualities are high mass of endocrine glands, proliferation of T-cells, a sport-specific heart, and high oxidative function of all Type I and Type II fibers. These are things that are probably consistent across all physical performers.

It doesn’t even have to be athletes. Anyone that uses their body or anyone that has to operate under stress. So, in that regard, I don’t think those different systems of the body will need any type of specific movement in order to overload those particular systems.

That’s my opinion. And there’s rationale to support that, but in no way, shape or form should those choices supersede the values of being able to translate and transfer those adaptations into movement. So, you can still accomplish those four things without machines.

And I kind of left that part out because it didn’t really serve what I was trying to say, which is there are other ways to look at things and I was discussing one that people asked me about.

One of those people was my older brother, Mike Boyle, who really impressed upon me to do these little videos, particularly this one, which is talking about a Twitter thread that he got involved in.

This particular topic was on using machines, in this case, knee extension, with early-stage ACL rehabilitation.

I’d also like you to keep an eye out for another cool video that’s going to come out.

I think you’ll see how it relates back to training the ACL and how we can fill in some gaps, including how do we get after the quad, how do we train, how do we progress both in a clinical and in a fitness setting with somebody that has a compromised ACL post-surgical or is no longer is compromised, but is in the reconditioning phase and talk about return to play.


  • June 1, 2020

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