When you look for continuing education, look to your failure

I get asked often, “What courses should I take?”

Well… “What’d you fail at?”

It puts things into a much more logical and much more sensible perspective.

I chose to take this TPI Golf course that I talk about in this video because I was training a lot of golfers. I didn’t necessarily think I was failing, but I knew I could be better.

I knew that by spending money, I would be able to turn it over with a more quality product, and I’d have a great opportunity to practice everything that I was seeing.

You have to be able to turn it over in my opinion. So, if you’re not seeing a lot of people, it’s kind of tough to invest in continuing education. Instead maybe invest in getting people in the door, which is what we’ve been doing a great job of in New York with some of our virtual PT, remote consultations, and golf fitness training & rehab services.

So, when you look for continuing education, the next book you read, the next podcast you subscribe to, the next course you take, look to your failure, start to fill in those gaps, and then remeasure.


  • June 11, 2020

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