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Lots of cool things happening on Thursday, July 30!

I’ve got ACL in Action coming out, and my free Perform Better Summer Series webinar at 2PM E (here’s the link to attend).

ACL in Action has actually been something in my to-do list for many years.

I don’t know of where a plan like this is available that’s all mapped out and shows you exactly what to do and how to coach.

I want to take you back several years where my good friend Vince Gabriele came to me and said, “Charlie, I need you to teach me everything that you know of what you would do for someone that had an ACL recovery process.”

I gave Vince basically, “This is what I would do outside of where we’d look at some manual therapy for some anterior knee pain.”

We left that part out because Vince was able to refer out in the area that he’s in.

He then developed an incredible reputation in his community not only for the great things he was doing with athletes and the adult population, but particularly for this niche. So of course, there’s a message of working together here.

This process has been replicated in a lot of other places and it’s exciting that now we’re replicating it in video form.

ACL in Action Pre-Launch

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In ACL in Action, we will show nothing that a physical therapist should be doing. Some things might be talked about, but they will not be demonstrated, so nobody gets any froggy ideas of mobilizing a patella or arranging a knee that still has stitches in it and things like that.

Remember, we’re sticking with the plan: Training = Rehab.

Now the cool part: If you’re a physical therapist or a chiropractor, you can own the profit margin.

If that’s something that you think might be interesting to you, you’re going to want to get ACL in Action.

This is exactly what I would be doing, or if I had trainers working for me, this is the plan that they would be running.

ACL in Action Pre-Launch

Subscribe for a limited-time launch rate for ACL in Action!

I hope you can join me on Thursday, July 30 for my ACL in Action launch & free Perform Better webinar at 2PM E.

Be well!


  • July 28, 2020

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Srdjan Jovanovic Reply


I would like to get more information about content of ACL in action course .
Which topics are covered – early / mid / late stage rehabilitation , functional testing , return to play …etc ???
What is that we as professionals working with ACL patients can get from this course except for the basic stuff that are all of us more less familiar with ???



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